Bulk Upload WooCommerce Attributes

WCBA The WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Terms Import Plugin

WCBA The WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Terms Import Plugin

We are happy to lauch this plugin and make it available to public as an effort to fill in little features gap left away on our most used e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

How did it start?

It all started while we were building a fully personnalized e-commerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce for a customer. Like most online store owner, our customer needed to be able to add cutom product attributes to his products.

In the particular case, our customer have on his website cell repair services and tools as products. The need was to define each product with attributes allowing end user to filter throught all product to find the one support his phone model.

Things got worsed when he started to ad products with hundreds of attributes linked to them….If you already dealed with WooCommerce product attribtues, you will probably know how painful it is to be adding attributes (and attributes terms) to your store one by one.


The need for a custom plugin

So here comes in the need for a way to bulk add a predefined list (hundreds and more…) of WooCommerce products attributes terms.

Your nightmares ends up here! And enter WCBA.

Bulk Upload WooCommerce Attributes
Bulk Upload WooCommerce Attributes

Our little nifty plugin, saves you hours and hours of manual work to create attributes terms one by one and add them under the adequate terms hierarchy!

It is as simple as :

  1. Copy your list of attributes terms you would like to add to your store (comma spearated text)
  2. and paste then into our plugin,
  3. select the parent terms under which you’ll like thoses terms to be saved.
  4. and bam! Upload them to WooCommerce!

Pretty easy huh!?!


Yeah! Sure and it can be doing that little job for you for less than half the price 5$!

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