Let your Woocommerce Attributes Roll!

Strong shop allow user to quickly find the right product.....and the way to this is thtrought well organized products attributes

howto install WooCommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin in WordPress

The easiest way to manage Woocommerce product attributes

Install & Activate Bulk attributes Plugin

Enable Attributes Hierarchy Support

Bulk Import & Define product attributes

Simple and quick setup

Forget all the complexity: simple and quick setup, and you are ready to roll out your products, stuffed with hundreds, or thousand of attributes….

The steps are self explanatory for anyone with minimum wordpress basic knowledge

Bulk Import Attributes

LEt head up to our main job: easily add attributes to your woocommerce products….It is as simple as

  • a copy and paste from your existing text file (comma separated value)…:
  • copy and paste even from exel file, with attributes in a colums (one attributes per line)