Update available for Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin

Update available for Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin

Hello friends,
Sorry for not being too talkative these last months, even years…not talkative on the blog, but still exchanging with user on support channels.

So this little note to let you know, all your comments, mails and features requests are all gathered, analyzed and processed…

And bam, here it comes out..a new update of your favorite Woocommerce Bulk Attributes plugin, that will allow you to upload plugins and attributes in bulk to your woocommerce shop.

Updates & Features Add On

Support Woocommerce 5.x

We have improved our plugin to ensure full compatibility with the latest Woocommerce release. This 5.0 woocommerce release is a minor update, but as we have not updated our plugin for a while, we have made a huge jump from last version that was tested and validated against Woocommerce 3.x to make it compatible with the latest Woocommerce 5.x that was released a few days ago.

Attributes hierarchy support

In Woocommerce you are no more able to set hierarchical attributes, meaning creating an attributes and defining child attributes like child categories…

We have solve this issue and you are now able with this release to enable this feature, within WordPress admin panel, without risking breaking things by touching your woocommerce core configuration files.

Compatibility with WordPress 5.x

Woocommerce Bulk Attributes is now fully upgrade to respect latest improvement made to WordPress 5.7 core code.

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