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Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Documentation

Please find below technical documentation for Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Terms plugin. This will help you understand how the plugin function and to use it to ease you store building process..

Major Prerequisite:

Before using or installing this plugin, WooCommerce plugin is mandatory!

Installing WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Terms Plugin

WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Term Plugin installation is as straightforward as evry other WordPress plugin out in this world! So it is as as simple as following those easy steps :

  1. Download your plugin zipped copy from your account page once purchased
    • once your purchase is done, you can access the plugin download from here checkout page
      link to access your downloads - Woocommerce Bulk Attributes
      Access downloads – Woocommerce Bulk Attribute
    • or go to your account dashboard and find your downloads
  2. Use the WordPres plugin install page to upload the plugin to your own WordPress environnement
    • go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and browse to select the file you just downloaded
  3. Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin interface.
  4. and Voila: Start using it.

Discovering the plugin interface

Once installed, the WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin interface is accessible from WordPRess menu:

  • WC Bulk Attributes and from them you have 2 submenu items:
    • Bulk Add Attributes Terms
    • Bulk Add Attributes Terms to Product


bulk attributes plugin interface
bulk attributes plugin interface


Let’s dive deep into our plugins details.

Bulk Add Attributes Terms

This part allows to add attributes terms in bulk to your WooCommerce store. This one allows to add attributes terms to the WooCommerce store database, so they are later on available to use on each product. Meaning :

  • you can add attributes terms, with support of hierarchical attributes terms
  • then later on use them within your individual product, and choose to add them manually.

Bulk Add Attributes Terms to Product

Based on our customers requests, we have added a new feature to allow you to :

  • add new attributes terms to WooCommerce store
  • and at same time assign these terms to a product

So this tool let you do 2 actions simultaneously.

Adding Bulk Attributes – Flat terms

So the main feature is to add attributes terms to your woocommerce store. Let see how you can use the plugin to add attributes terms.

Let suppose we are selling some SSD hard disk. One of our in store model is the Crucial MX300 2TB SATA 2.5″ 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal SSD. This SSD hard drive is compatible with a specific list of HP laptop (just an example). Here is a sample list of compatible devices for that product:
[scroll-box]ProBook 11 G1
ProBook 11 G2
ProBook 4230s
ProBook 430 G1
ProBook 430 G2
ProBook 430 G3 (DDR3)
ProBook 430 G3 (DDR4)
ProBook 430 G4
ProBook 4310s (Intel GL40 Chipset)
ProBook 4310s (Intel PM/GM45 Chipsets)
ProBook 4311s
ProBook 4320s
ProBook 4321s
ProBook 4325s
ProBook 4326s
ProBook 4330s
ProBook 4331s
ProBook 4340s
ProBook 4341s
ProBook 440 G0
ProBook 440 G1
ProBook 440 G2
ProBook 440 G3 (DDR3)
ProBook 440 G3 (DDR4)
ProBook 440 G4
ProBook 4410s (Intel GL40 Chipset)
ProBook 4410s (Intel GM45 Chipset)
ProBook 4411s
ProBook 4415s
ProBook 4416s
ProBook 4420s
ProBook 4421s
ProBook 4425s
ProBook 4430s
ProBook 4431s
ProBook 4435s
ProBook 4436s
ProBook 4440s
ProBook 4441s
ProBook 4445s
ProBook 4446s
ProBook 445 G1
ProBook 445 G2
ProBook 450 G0
ProBook 450 G1
ProBook 450 G2
ProBook 450 G3 (DDR3)
ProBook 450 G3 (DDR4)
ProBook 450 G4
ProBook 4510s (DDR2)
ProBook 4510s (DDR3 Intel GL40 Chipset)
ProBook 4510s (DDR3 Intel PM45/GM45 Chipsets)
ProBook 4515s
ProBook 4520s
ProBook 4525s
ProBook 4530s
ProBook 4535s
ProBook 4540s
ProBook 4545s
ProBook 455 G1
ProBook 455 G2
ProBook 455 G3
ProBook 470 G0
ProBook 470 G1
ProBook 470 G2
ProBook 470 G3 (DDR3)
ProBook 470 G3 (DDR4)
ProBook 470 G4
ProBook 4710s (DDR2)
ProBook 4710s (DDR3)
ProBook 4720s
ProBook 4730s
ProBook 4740s
ProBook 5220m
ProBook 5310m
ProBook 5320m
ProBook 5330m
ProBook 6360b
ProBook 640 G1
ProBook 640 G2
ProBook 6440b
ProBook 6445b
ProBook 645 G1
ProBook 645 G2
ProBook 6450b
ProBook 6455b
ProBook 6460b
ProBook 6465b
ProBook 6470b
ProBook 6475b
ProBook 650 G1
ProBook 650 G2
ProBook 6540b
ProBook 6545b
ProBook 655 G1
ProBook 655 G2
ProBook 6550b
ProBook 6555b
ProBook 656
ProBook 6560b
ProBook 6565b
ProBook 6570b
ProBook 845 G2[/scroll-box]

We will now add these attributes term to our product.

  1. First create the attributes itself; as it will hodl all compatible laptops, let’s name it “Compatible Laptops”Goto to Products > Attribtues, type in the name and click on Add Attribute to save it.add woocommerce attributes
  2.  Now you have to add the attributes terms, or compatible devices. Click on “configure terms” to acces the terms insertion menu.
    Add attributes terms to woocommerceThis will open the attributes terms adding windows, from which you can add new terms that will be classified as new “compatible laptops”
  3. So add the first compatible laptop from the list provided before.
    4-add attributes terms to woocommerce
  4. Normally, you will have to repeat the previous steps over and over again until you process all the compatible laptops list provided….But that’s were our plugin will save your day!
  5. So just head out to plugin’s menu : WC Bulk Attributes Manager > Buk Add Attributes Terms
  6. Here is how you can add multiple woocommerce attributes in one go:
    1. Select the drop down to select the attributes under which you want to add attributes in bulk, in our case, “Compatible laptops”
    2. Paste in your list of attributes
    3. Don’t touch this part for now as we are dealing with flat attributes without hierarchy support. We will touch this part in the next part of this tutorial
    4. And click on Add Term to upload terms in bulk into WooCommerce.
  7. That’s all. All these terms are now added to Woocommerce database and available to be added to any product.
    bulk added attributes available on product edit page
    bulk added attributes available on product edit page



Adding Bulk Attributes – Terms with hierarchy support

Sometimes we need attributes to have hierarchy, for some particular product.

This can be usefull to segment product attributes by brand for example.

To keep up with our previous example of SSD hard disk, let suppose you have as product “SSD Disk 128 Gb”. This only product can be compatible with different brand laptops, as:

  • HP
    • HP ENVY 13
    • HP ENVY 15
    • HP ENVY 17
    • HP Pavilion 15
    • HP Pavilion 17
    • HP Spectre
    • HP Chromebook
    • HP ENVY x360
    • HP Pavilion x360
    • HP Pavilion x2 12
    • HP Spectre x2
    • HP Spectre x360
    • HP OMEN 17
    • HP Pavilion
    • HP Pavilion
    • HP Pavilion ze4100
    • HP Pavilion ze4145
    • HP Pavilion ze4430
    • OmniBook 4000
    • OmniBook 800CS,
    • OmniBook 2000
    • OmniBook 3000
    • OmniBook 5500
  • ACER
    • Acer TravelMate 6500 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6592 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6593 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6594 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7230 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7330 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7530 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7730 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7740 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 8100 Series
    • Aspire Z5600
    • Aspire Z5610
    • Aspire X5900
    • Aspire M5201
    • Aspire M5810
    • Aspire X3400
    • Aspire XC600
    • Aspire X3950
    • Acer TravelMate 6292 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6293 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6400 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6452 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6493 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6500 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6592 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6593 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 6594 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7230 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7330 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7530 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7730 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 7740 Series
    • Acer TravelMate 8100 Series
  • Toshiba
    • Tecra A1
    • Tecra A2
    • Tecra A3
    • Tecra A3X
    • Tecra A4
    • Tecra A5
    • Tecra A7
    • Tecra A8
    • Tecra A9
    • Tecra M10
    • Tecra M1
    • Tecra M2
    • Tecra M3
    • Tecra M4
    • Tecra M5
    • Tecra M7
    • Tecra M9
    • Tecra R10
    • Tecra S10
  • Dell
    • Vostro 1000
    • Vostro 1220
    • Vostro 1320
    • Vostro 1520
    • Vostro 1720
    • Vostro A90 and
    • A90n
    • Vostro V13
    • Vostro 3300
    • Vostro 3400
    • Vostro 3500
    • Vostro 3550
    • Vostro 3700
    • XPS 13
    • XPS 14
    • XPS 15
    • XPS 17
    • XPS 10
    • XPS 12
    • XPS 15z
    • XPS 16
    • Latitude D8000
    • Latitude D8001
    • Latitude D8006
    • Latitude D8010
    • Latitude D9236
    • Inspiron 11
    • Inspiron 11 3000
    • Inspiron 11 2000
    • Inspiron 11 4000
    • Inspiron 13
    • Inspiron 14
    • Inspiron 15
    • Inspiron 17[/scroll-box]

From this list all those terms will be under “Compatible laptop” attributes.
The brand listed here ( HP, ACER, DELL and Toshiba) will be considered as parent terms. Under each parent terms, we will add child terms, that will be the models.

Our plugin is still here to handle all that. Let’s do it together:

  1. From WC Bulk Attributes Manager, go to Bulk Add Attributes Terms
  2. Then select the attributes under which the terms are going to be added
    you should now have a box like this:
  3. As we want to add attributes terms with hierarchy support as displayed previously, we will start by adding the parent attributes or top level attributes
    add top level attributes comma separatedclick on Add Terms and voila!
    Attributes are added and usable

    • You could add the terms in this box in different format: comma separated value, pipe separated or one by line like this:
      • comma separated: HP,DELL,ACER,TOSHIBA
      • pipe separated: HP|DELL|ACER|TOSHIBA
      • one by line:
  4. Now our parent terms are added, let work on child terms.
    • Go to : WC bul Attributes Manager > Bulk Add Attributes Terms
    • select the attributes we want to add terms to; in our case “Compatible laptops”
    • Let’s add HP laptop model as child terms for HP term. Details are in the below picture
      adding child terms in bulk hierarchy support
    • Child terms are added as you can see and check in attributes captures below:

So you can now easily repeat this process for the remaining parent terms and their child.

Adding Bulk Attributes to a Woocommerce Product

This feature have been included since vers 2.1

Now that attributes terms are all added to our WooCommerce database, it can be a long process to manually add them to each woocommerce product.

Here is how to do that without the hassle!